Monday, December 16, 2013

War of 1812: 41st Infantry Regiment

Here is the latest Knuckleduster 28mm War of 1812 miniatures painted up.  They from the British 41st Infantry Regiment.

Next unit will probably be U.S. Artillery gun and crew.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December CMH Club Meeting

Good day.  I attended the latest CMH monthly meeting.  This was a well attended and fun last monthly meeting for the year.  Bill was running a Pearl Harbor anniversary game which I thought would be fun to try out.  I've never played in a Pearl Harbor game so joined in the action on the U.S. side.  The game is free to download.  It was created by Pete Pellegrino from the Naval War College.  The game starts with planning for both the Japanese and Americans.  Then the action starts with the first wave coming in and the Americans trying to do anything to shoot down Japanese planes and protect the ships.  We ended up losing all the battleships in battleship row, but we shot down a lot more Japanese planes than what happened historically.  This was due to the Japanese not aggressively attacking the airfields in the first wave.

Also at the club meeting was a Guadalcanal game using the Bolt Action rules.  There was an Ancients game going on as well.

Next meeting I'm probably going to try and run my Mediterranean British vs. French WWII naval scenario.  Need to try it out at the club before the next Convention.

Pearl Harbor game in progress


Guadalcanal Game

Couple more pictures with miniatures posed by me.