Sunday, February 16, 2014

Genghis Con 2014 Report

Denver Gamers hosted the largest gaming convention in Denver this past weekend.  I would say another success.

Main hallway.  Whatever those new black things are they resulted in the loss of space for six gaming tables.
The Red Lion / Radisson hotel was the venue and the site has been in transition for at least six months and has yet to be complete, resulting in different convention layout setups for the past three conventions at the hotel.  This makes for some confusion as to where everything was, but I'm used to confusion since the convention has been at a bunch of different hotels in the 13 years I've been attending.  One benefit this year for my game is it had better lighting.

Miniatures game room.  Although other tournaments such as Flames of War were in another room.
Fairly quite in this room Saturday morning.

I did not play in any games this year, but visited the Convention on Saturday morning.  There was good attendance, but there seemed to be a sparse number of historical miniature games.  Although, the new layout this year may have contributed to the sparse appearance.  The Exhibitor (Vendor) room looked good.  The room was full.  I did not buy much, but I certainly could have bought some board games...lots to choose from.  There were very little historical miniature products to buy (apart from the normal Flames of War), but this is normal at Denver conventions.  I miss the JR Miniatures booth that used to attend.

Exhibitor Room.

I heard that some game masters had either zero or one players show up for their games.  That was unfortunate.  No one reason why, just a mixture of not a lot of historical miniature gamers, too many games in a slot, lack of interest in a certain periods, scenario not interesting, or maybe no interest in the rules for the games.  I was fortunate to have three play in my four player game.
ACW Game
Another view in main hallway.

ACW Battle of Trent's Reach.
I should have played this and compared it to my scenario.  Pine trees?
On Sunday I ran my Operation Catapult, WWII 1:2400 naval game using the Sea Wars Fleet Actions ruleset.  Awhile ago I had purchased French ships, finally got them painted up and in a scenario.  The game went well and the scenario was pretty balanced.  This was a hypothetical scenario with the French fleet at Mers-El-Kebir having set sail for France and intercepted by the British Force H.  The French had to exit off the opposite side of the table.  Only one destroyer was able to do this and a French battleship was about to make it.  I called it a draw.

British and French in the thick of things.
Many French and British destroyers lost in 15 minutes of battle.

French battleships running into to fog to avoid British battleships.
Strasbourg has multiple fires on board and taking the brunt of three British battleships.